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Your Questions — Answered

Common Queries At Your Disposal

What is the duration of the project?

Platforma is a 2-year project, funded by a 2.0M EUR Grant from the EU H2020 programme, which commenced on 1st October 2020. The first year will focus upon single cell-type sensory and motor neurons on scaffolds. The second year will develop a Skin-sensory Module and a Muscle-motor Module respectively.

What is the scientific and technical objective of the Skin-sensory Module?

We aim to obtain a model as close as possible to real human skin allowing studying specific drug effects on both cell types as well as on their interactions. It should be exploitable in terms of reproducibility, time and cost.

What is the scientific and technical objective of the Muscle-motor Module

Our objective is to create the world first human neuro-muscular tissue-on-chip model. Current animal models of neuro-muscular junctions do not represent human physiology, gene expression or morphology. We aim to develop a model that closely resemble human muscle tissue where functional neuromuscular junctions can be recapitulated, setting the basis for disease modelling (e.g. ALS) and assays for toxicity and efficacy of new therapeutics.

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